Keeping Entertained Over Corona Vacation


Alex Rector

“I mostly read and drew,” freshman Jaysong Burns said.

Alex Rector, Staff reporter/photographer

The school went to virtual learning after spring break last school year and brought on an early summer break. Many businesses were closed down; water parks, movie theaters, and restaurants were limited access or inaccessible. Students brought it upon themselves to keep themselves busy during the extended break.


“I read and did a lot of baking. I baked a lot of eclairs and breads,” Kinsley Windors, freshman, said. (Alex Rector)
“I did a lot of golfing and disc golf. I went to cross country practice, took some tennis lessons and played video games,” Andrew Schage, sophomore, said. (Alex Rector)
“I got into drawing, I listened to a lot of music and talked to friends,”  Makenzie Pacard, sophomore, said. (a)
“I worked a lot and got into balisong flipping,”  Joseph Priester, junior, said. (a)
“I hung out with my family, friends and boyfriend,” Shayla Rodriquez, junior, said. (a)
“I played a lot of  video games. I lifted weights till the gyms were closed and binged Star Wars,” Clayton Bailey, senior, said. (a)
“I went to Colorado for about a week and then I spent the rest of my time playing video games,” Shawna Rohring, senior, said. (a)