Where are the apples?

Alex Rector, Staff

Everyone knows the phrase ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away.’ However, I can’t keep the doctor away because there has not been a single pack of apples for lunch this school year. I have eaten apples everyday with lunch, but this year there has not been a single packet of apples; this is making me mad.

The people who were at my lunch table knew how much I loved apples, so some of them would grab a pack or two for me. I remember one day I didn’t want to eat what was served for lunch, so all I had were my two packs of apples, and someone asked if anybody wanted their apples and I said I would take them. Not only did I get their apples, but I got the whole table’s apples. So for lunch I had about ten packs of apples. Plus there were some packets left and I took them with me back to class.

After that I would eat apples everyday with lunch, if there were any left over I would take them back to class and munch on my two-five packs of apples through the rest of the day.  I didn’t have a single teacher discourage my in-class apple eating habits. The great part of having friends who were in the same class as me was if I didn’t have anything to carry my apples in, they would carry them for me, because I never took my jacket to lunch with me.

During my junior year I would grab at least four packs of apples. But closer to the end of the school year they said too many packs of apples were being thrown away and that I was only allowed to get two packs of apples. I wanted to say “I’ll eat all of my apples and if I don’t my mom owns a daycare and there are kids who can eat them,” but I didn’t, I just put back the apples. 

I’ve been craving apples for so long I finally went to the store and bought some.