Less financial stability affects education

Yasmine Eison, Staff

People that are in financial struggle are more likely to struggle with education. Living conditions will always affect students’ decisions, beliefs, and achievements depending on their mindset as well. It affects how people learn, taking the information they need, and getting the resources they need to use for their learning experience. Poor housing, paying for medical bills, and little food to give to nutrition needs are some of the worries kids face when they see that their parents are struggling to afford these things for them alone. Not only physical health is affected but worrying about school and home life will give people bad mental health. It shouldn’t be something that any kid has to worry about if they’re even gonna be able to eat or pay for things that are very important for their well being. 

Poverty restrains the ability to be provided things and not having the access to get certain materials mean that people are limited from quality care for school and after school. A lot of students struggle to complete out of class assignments because they have limited or no materials. 

It has been proven that it is harder for kids to understand and absorb content in literacy and language development. Keeping and staying on top of bills is hard on housing so usually kids will move to where their parents go to find a job to be somewhat stable for a time being. In search of work all the time and moving affects a kid’s ability to stay at a school and graduate. It also makes it hard to catch up and make good grades. Then, depending on the next school they go to, they might have different expectations there and may be harder for them to process the change. 

Students that have struggle with financial issues at home should not have to worry about issues at school.