Places to volunteer


Autumn Dunshie

Catholic Charities has a thrift store in Salina that utilizes volunteers.

Autumn Dunshie, Design Editor

COVID-19 has put a halt or delay to a lot of activities nationwide including volunteering.  Due to the increased risk of coronavirus exposure, the numbers of those volunteering have decreased since the pandemic started. The senior citizen population represents a large number of volunteers; unfortunately, this is a population that is considered high risk for the virus. Now, more than ever, young volunteers are needed. Whether one might be looking for volunteer hours as a resume booster, a way to learn some valuable life skills or for an opportunity to help the community, there are a lot of places to volunteer in Salina no matter what the motive is.

Places that are seeking volunteers include:

  • Catholic Charities of Northern Kansas

At Catholic Charities, they are in need of volunteers in the thrift store. This would include jobs of sorting, cleaning, pricing items and working as cashier. To volunteer go to and fill out the application.

  • Salina YMCA

The YMCA is always looking for volunteers. There is a wide variety of opportunities to help with. These could include coaching a sports team, helping others with homework, reading in the nursery and more. To find out more information on volunteer opportunities within the YMCA, visit 

  • Salina Emergency Aid Food Bank

Ongoing opportunities that occur daily include distributing groceries to those who are in need. Loading and unloading groceries and deliveries is another part of this job. Help is also needed with stocking food and cleaning the pantry regularly. To submit an application go to and fill out a form.

  • Rolling Hills Zoo

At the zoo they will take volunteers from ages 13 to older. Jobs range anywhere from cutting food for the animals and helping visitors to putting papers in envelopes. At the age of 18, even more opportunities within the zoo are available. These volunteers can work as a keeper or even be a part of the security. To apply visit or see more information, visit