Meet the Seniors

Zaida Segura

Senior Valeria Diaz

Valeria Diaz says while her time being at South High her all time favorite memory was when she got inducted to the National Honor Society and walking around the pods even though we weren’t suppose to. She says that the two teachers that have impacted her most would have to be Josh Massey or Lyric Cairns “who not only teach but they help you grow as a person.” Lastly the biggest lesson she learned was to be open to opportunities and to don’t go in with a whole lot of expectations because anything can change.

Senior Saul Baquera

Saul Baquera says that his all time favorite memory was meeting new people and making a lot of new friends throughout his time here. He said that he will always remember everyone who has helped him along the way in his life but that he is very thankful for his third grade teacher Mr.Hines for everything he has done and showed him. Baquera’s favorite memory was Spring Break this year getting to have a little break from all homework and school wise. If Baquera could go back and do something different he says ” I would go back and actually tried to get all my work done on time and wished I didn’t have slacked on the classes I did, I would of at least liked to put a little more effort while my time here but I am very thankful I can almost say that Im done.”

Senior Lily Pham

Senior Lily Pham says that to her one way high school was very different to her was that it allowed her to be around more people and which it made her become more social. Something she is going to miss about being in school is seeing all the familiar faces and deferentially the memories she made along the way. The teacher that differently made a big impact in her life was Josh Massey; Lily says “He changed my high school experience because he made me realize how much more everything had to offer in life.” Lastly Pham says that if she could back and do something differently she would of liked to go back and would of liked to interact with people more and be more social.

Senior Abhram Lopez

Abhram Lopez says that one thing that soccer helped him with was it helped him get through things he had going on and that soccer helped him release stress and enjoy the game even more. His all time favorite memory was being able to be on the soccer team his four years while at south he’s grateful for it and for the family he created with all his soccer team members. He also says that scoring a goal on 43 yard line on senior night was amazing and he will forever remember. Lopez is going to miss seeing all his friends and overall making memories with them. His word of advice is to work hard on whatever you are trying to achieve and don’t let anyone stop you from your dreams.

Senior Adriana Salas

Adriana Salas biggest lesson she learned while being in  high school was that in order to grow up as a person you must take risks and try new things and be willing to meet new people. The teacher who impacted her the most was Sherri Kleinbeck; Adriana says, “she has taught me that it is always okay to try new things and change your plans for the future. In order to find your passion you must try new things, which could include moving states or changing majors she really inspired me to go on and do better.” Salas’ most memorable moment was when we received the news about having to do school online because of COVID she says, “although it was not a happy memory it is one that will stick with me because that day our lives completely changed.” Her word of advice is “although school is important, always make sure you go out and have fun, free your mind from negative thoughts and be happy.”

Senior Brandon Oaks

Brandon Oaks says that coming into high school it was different because he didn’t realize how fast it went by. One thing he surely is going to miss is the interactions that hes uses to having with his peers on a day to day basis. A teacher that really impacted his life while at school was Mr. Ballenger Brandon says, “he showed me that you can find joy in whatever career you choose to do.” Brandon says if he could go back and do something differently it would be to get to know those people who he didn’t get the chance to get know along the way. Overall Brandon is truly grateful for what he has learned throughout his time at South high and is ready for the outside challenges.