Coronavirus causes lunch changes



The lunch ladies prepare the chips and salsa for lunch on Sept. 23.

Autumn Dunshie, Design Editor

Due to the coronavirus, the cafeteria staff have to be innovative; instead of three lunch lines for students to get their meals, there are two. This year the lunch ladies ask students what side items they want and plate the food for them–in previous school years, students plated their own trays. Provided, there are also less meal options to choose from. The set up of the lunchroom has changed as well. Tables are divided into four sections by plexiglas and allows students to eat while still being protected. 

After the first week of school, parents were notified that they would no longer have to pay for school breakfast or lunch. This is available until Dec. 18 or until the federal funding runs out. 

Another drastic change in the lunchroom in order to keep sanitary conditions for staff and students was to issue student lunch cards. In the past students typed their ID in on a keypad; having cards scanned decreases germ exposure because students no longer have to touch the keypads as they go through the line. This card will continue to be scanned even though the meals are being paid for. 

While students are learning remotely or offsite, they can pick up free lunches which are available outside of Central High School’s Kitchen II. Parents, as well as students, can pick up these meals if they have the student issued meal card on hang.